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I'm just looking for ways to vary our intake of fruits and veggies. Here are our favorites:

Green peppers - raw and sliced (often eaten out of a baggie from the back seat of the car)
Apples - raw and whole
Carrots - steamed until very soft and served with butter; or raw and whole
Broccoli - steamed and served with a little butter
Grapes - whole
Pears - very ripe and cut in wedges
Oranges - mama peels and passes out wedges
Sweet pototaes - peeled, sliced, baked with a little butter
Green beans - steamed and served with a little butter

I have found that butter makes any veggie so much yummier!

What are your favorites?

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we need ideas too-

we like
apples w/ cinnamon
smoothies, smoothies, smoothies
pomegranates are the harvest time favorite
really all fruit- veggies are the problem for my ds1- i could use help for my picky boy..
so for the dc who do eat, i prepare
baked winter squash-delicata, acorn, and spagetti-dds fav
golden beets and rutabega sauteed in apple juice(any winter veggies here)
raw red pepper
cucumber in balsamic vinegar
sauteed or raw green beans
kale with walnuts

heres what comes to mind as the 'usual' ones

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My kids love "green eggs"...

Take garlic (if you eat that lol, some people avoid it...), like atleast 3 or 4, chop them, and then fry them lightly in a saucepan. Then add spinach ( i prefer to use the frozen ones, they are easier) wich is very very fine chopped, and then 2 or 3 eggs.

And after writing the word eggs, i remember maybe you ppl are vegetarians... lol... Well, this is the only way i get my kids to eat spinach anyway hehe...

They also like it when we peel oranges, put them "boat by boat" on a big plate, then take a mix of a little sugar and a little cinamon, and then leave the oranges to dry for some hours. That make them crispy on the outside, kind of dry, but yet the flavour is nice. If you like it, add rosewater too, or orangeblossomwater. Just to do something different...

And i got a recepie for a KILLING carot-meal. I LOVE it, i will translate it if you want it.

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Originally Posted by Nabbe

And i got a recepie for a KILLING carot-meal. I LOVE it, i will translate it if you want it.
Wow, what is that? If it's not too much trouble to translate, I am curious!

I made spinach kugel for guests and ds got into it. He also liked the roasted cauliflower with garlic that I made. But the biggest hit with him was that our friends brought a salad with cherry tomatoes on it, wow! He also likes cucumber very much.

His favorite these days is green beans. We get the frozen organic ones, mainly because fresh organic ones are hard to find and very expensive, and conventionally grown ones have relatively high levels of pesticide residue. He likes them just cooked, for lunch, with maybe a little Earth Balance non-hydrogenated butter substitute or ghee on them. He also likes them mixed with pasta, but he eats the green beans first because he likes them more than the noodles! He used to be equally into peas and spinach, but I think green beans have taken over their spot.

He starts a lot of apples and pears and eats about half and then loses interest. Then we have a lot of half-eaten apples and pears in the fridge. I find that if I chop them up and cook them together in a lidded pot with no water, he enjoys eating them cooked.

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Celery sticks dipped in spinach artichoke dip
Tomato wedges with salt and pepper
Almost any fresh fruit will do (grapes, apples, oranges, pears, berries, melon, mango, nectarines, lychees, peaches, papaya, etc.)
Smoothies with frozen peaches or berries
Broccoli in mac n cheese
Tomato base veggie soup w/grilled cheese sandwiches to dip into it

Carrots (when they have their greens on them, the kids like them better. I think they are sweeter) plain or with hummus
Salad (when they are in the mood) with a creamy ranch-like dressing
Butternut squash soup
Tomato soup
Steamed greens with butter and sesame dressing
Zucchini sticks baked with lemon butter
Steamed edamame
Potato anything. hehe
Avocado halves with cottage cheese in the center and some seasoning on top

I'm sure I've missed a lot. We eat a lot of veggies and fruit here. Right now they are snacking on cut up oranges and pears.
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