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I'm just so happy for a friend of mine, I had to share with you guys!
I've known this woman since we were 5 years old--we met in kindergarten class, she was my best friend through high school, and though we fell out of touch later in high school and for several years after that, we've since tracked each other down and have talked on the phone a few times. She lives on the west coast (I'm on the east), and we haven't seen each other in about 10 years.
So, we spoke in October, when I was newly pregnant, and she was also pregnant--due April 1,2005. She was living in the woods somewhere in northern California, and really, really wanted a natural, peaceful birth.

So I just talked to her today--her little girl, Jasmine, was born after just 12 hours of labor on March 24. Her water broke, contractions started but never got very regular or severe, but she called her dr about 8 hours later and they had her come in to the hospital just to see what was going on. She got there, and was 7 cm dilated!! First time mom, too! She got set up in a birthing room, spent an hour on her hands & knees in the shower, then felt the urge to push, and moved to being on her knees on the bed. She pushed for an hour, and her baby girl was born just like that

She is breastfeeding well, co-sleeping, and baby-wearing, and utterly and completely in love with her daughter. Of course, if you're a mom, you know that feeling--but to talk to someone who just had their first baby was just amazing--she was talking to me about how astounded she was at how much she loved her daughter, and how she loved feeling like a "momma bear", and I could just hear it in her voice. Almost 3 months later, and she still sounds drunk with love and happiness

I am just so happy for her, talking to her really made my day. We have our high school reunion coming up on the end of July, and both of us are making the trek back to upstate NY for it, so I'm excited to see her again, and meet her little one (and introduce her to both of mine!).
Anyway, I'm just so happy for her, having her little girl, and the birth she wanted. Had to share
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