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Sharing Different Birthday Party ideas

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Heres my ideas"

i have been already planning my son Kai's (7.5 months old now lol) 1st bday
i figure its the only one that ill have say in LOL..
we are going to give hand made jacobs laddersas favors ( hubby gets to make them lol)
( wood blocks with rainbow color ribbon)
Kai will have a Raw/fruit birthday cake
however for everyone else tradional sugar bday cake....
the invites im gonna make are lil booklets with
scanned pics of Kai through the 1st yr and his milestones.
For an activity the kids /parents can help make them lil
fairy or prince hats ( ill buy lil crafts to do it)
my MIL is making a rainbow playsilk for the gift table
and a cape for Kai to wear
and my mom is making him a felt crown
Even though hes only 7.5 months ive been reading up lots on waldorf and i like some of the ideas of it
so i guess you can say thats where some of the ideas for his birthday are... Oh we are also going to attach a lil birthday story about Kai crossing over the Rainbow bridge to choose us as his parents to the favors( also reason for the jacobs ladder) I think it should be really nice im sure my side of the family will think its weird since im not doigng the traditional theme etc but i like to be different and i want this to be realllly special and memorable .I also got from Target ( good thing or else it would have cost more to make) a frame with a matt and a spot for a picture so all the guests can write round the picture thoughts and blessings for his 1st ) i thought it would be a really nice keepsake.. I also want to buy him a Birthday music box and have it as his yearly tradition that i play for him.
the thing i dont know how to do is IM a new consultant for Natural Famiy Boutique and I would love the HABA wood toys for bday instead of a zillion of potential Elmos, wiggles etc so i dont know how to politley ( or if i even should) put that there presence is enough however if they wish to purchase a gift that they can buy him a HABA toy from me.. but thats wierd/rude isnt it/???????????HELP ME OUT ON THAT ONE!

(updated site mid June ....hopefully)
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Wow! Your party sound wonderful! Can I come?

Carter is now 10M old and I am really NOT looking forward to planning a party for him. I was thinking Subway and Hot dogs in a local park we attend. I just don't know what to do with the adults, I am sure that they will get bored.

Keep the good ideas coming, maybe I'll get inspired!
my dd's birthday is coming up in a few weeks. We sent an email to family and friends that shows some of the toys that we like. I could see many plastic dolls with bottles and pacifiers. Hopefully sending the email will help, but I dont know yet.
I'm not sure yet, but I want to do something fairytale/princess themed.
She's getting books from us, and also perhaps a doll or two and definately clothes!
Your party idea sounds great!
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There was a really good article in Mothering two issues ago (I think) that included an idea for a letter to give to family/friends about how you're trying to eliminate 'junk' from your lives...
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