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Sharp stabbing pains?

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I just wondered if anyone has had anything similar going on....
I'm getting sharp stabbing type pains (nothing unbearable but definitely uncomfortable) way down low. Not contractions I dont' think. It happens sometimes during the day but mostly in the evening. Do you think that it is just the baby gettting really low and maybe pushing against something like my bladder?

I don't have any uncomfortable feelings during urination or anything. It wouldn't be anything serious like an infection would it? It's mostly just accompanied by the baby moving and then a really sharp pain that lasts a couple of seconds.

Thoughts? Normal?
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I get this. I assume it to be my bladder being pressed on. It hurts a LOT and is usually combined with obvious baby movement. It occasionally stops me in my tracks.

I haven't found an official name for it, and so I think it's just a nerve on the outside of or near my bladder. It's probably one of the most annoying and temporarily incpacitating things that I've experienced to date.
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Sounds normal to me. My baby is pretty low (station 0 ) and I get the sharp stabbing pains when she is moving around and slamming her head around. Unpleasant, but does not sound like anything to worry about.
i got said it was baby (who was super low) pushing against nerves. i think some of it may have been dilation, too, b/c when i went for my 42 wk appt, i was 3 cm dilated.
yup i get babe doing the same thing
thanks, everyone!
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