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she cried

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Ok, so I saw a spot on DD's (2 yo) teeth & made an appointment to see a dentist. We have a DMO. The primary dentist took her time, talked to dd, made her comfortable so she would let her look in dd's mouth. She said, yup, she's got 2 cavities. We were referred to a pedodontist who saw dd today.

DD hated having the xrays done. She screamed & was miserable. I was able to hold her, but it still was no fun at all. The techs made an effort to work as quickly as possible & talk to her nicely. I am having a really hard time with it. The dentist talked to her, but not a whole lot. I am not sure if he spent more time making her comfortable that it really would have helped in the end, as his exam was more involved than the previous one.

As we were going through the toy box, dd said, "Big girl sad. Dd sad."

The dentist says she needs crowns. Acckkkk! I am really struggling with how I can make this as trauma-free for dd as I can. Is it even possible for a 2 yo to see a dentist & not be miserable? I think I'd like to begin by seeing another dentist. Not sure how that's going to work with our insurance. It also means one more trip to the dentist for dd. Anyway, I'm feeling really yucky about the whole thing!
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OMG, how awful for you and your daughter. I don't really have a lot of suggestions except maybe check a book out of the library about going to the dentist. We have the Berenstain Bears dentist book and have read it a lot and it really helped dd not be scared. I also think you should see another dentist. I'd be very concerned about a dentist who is suggesting crowns for a 2 yo. My dd had a cavity on her last visit and the dentist said that they would just keep an eye on it and as long as it's not causing any problems they're just going to leave it alone since it's a baby tooth. I think you'll feel better if you get a second opinion, even if you have to pay for it out of pocket.

((HUGS)) to you and your dd.
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