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She is KILLING me!!!

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Oh my gosh, DD is in the beginning stages of teething, and although her gums aren't swollen yet, and I can't even see any white spots yet, every time she nurses, she clamps her little gums down and pulls her head waaaay back. I am dying! It's more painful then when my boys actually had teeth and would bite when nursing. That was at least quick, and only happened like once or twice. But DD is doing it constantly!

Wow....obviously she doesn't realize that my nipples aren't rubber bands!
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Yikes! You could try numbing her gums before you nurse by giving her an ice cube in a washcloth to chew on. You might also want to try some Hyland's teething tablets or homeopathic chamomilla just before nursing. If she does clamp down and pull (ow!), I'd unlatch her and offer her something else to chew on.

Hope you get some relief soon!
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