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She slept through the night! In her own room!

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Without even coming in for a hug or the nightly "I had a bad dream" attempt to let her stay. And she went to bed on time!

Yes, she's 7 and really, this should not be a major accomplishment, but it's super-rare. Like, count-on-one-hand rare. (She full-time co-sleeps with her mom at her house, which has complicated matters here.) We've been trying to wean her off of coming in in the middle of the night for months now--but especially now. I am pregnant and she takes up half the bed and kicks and rolls and snorts and sniffles--if she's in the bed, I don't sleep, period (and she doesn't do well on the floor in our room, either), and the next day the nausea just about kills me.

Also, we wanted her out of our room well before the new LO arrives (as, while we are not planning to full-time co-sleep, I can't imagine it would be safe for a newborn to be in a bed even part-time with a thrashing 8-year-old, nor would it be a good idea for her--a light sleeper--to be in the room with a wailing newborn all night...we wanted this transition well in advance so she wouldn't feel displaced by the new baby).

Crossing our fingers, hoping this lasts...
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Oh how very very very exciting!
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