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she slid off my back

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scared me to death!! I had my 22 month old on my back in my mayawrap and thought I had it tight enough. After a few minutes though she started sliding right down. She wasn't even wiggling or anything. How do you make sure they are secure enough?
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i always had a problem trying to get my DD on my back in my maya. i loved it for everything else but that. i don't think they are safe enough for back carries. i would try a wrap or mei tai type carrier. glad you caught her!
I also prefer a wrap for back carries, or an MT. To make sure they don't slide down in a sling I would make sure the fabric goes all the way to behind their knees and that there but is lower than their knees. Then make sure the top rail is tight and all the way up their back up to their underarms at least.
I don't have any advice, glad she didn't get hurt. I've only tried wearing my son on my back once with my maya. I have no clue how to get it tight enough, mine is harder to adjust though so maybe if you had someone to help. If you can try an ergo or mei tai for back carry, they distribute the weight better too.
I've never had any issues using a ring sling for back carries but there are a few things to make sure you are doing correctly. Thier butt needs to be lower than the rail and the rail needs to be to her knees and tight. I've even stuck Mackenzie side sitting with legs fully inside so I know she isnt going anywhere. If you cant get it secure definately go with a MT, onbuhimo or wrap instead.
Never got comfortable with a ring sling (Maya Wrap or otherwise) for back carries. I only slide them back there when cooking, then slide them right back to the front or side or wherever they were in the first place.

Sounds scary. Glad everyone's okay ...

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What Lizard said. And look in a mirror to be sure.
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