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My daughter (who will be three tomorrow), recently has decided she doesn't believe anything I say, from the most minor thing to the major things, she does NOT believe me. I don't know what is going on but it is driving me nuts.

I am not talking about just not listening or not following directions (which she doesn't do either
). I mean if she asks me a question, she just doesn't believe the answer (Is there anymore milk? No, we are out. No we aren't! Go look in the fridge. *she looks in fridge* Mama where is the milk? is there anymore milk... rinse repeat agh).

If I tell her "If you stand on that toy your going to fall and it will hurt" she says "No I won't!" Then she falls and cries because she is hurt, I have tried letting it go both ways, by saving her and reminding her of what I said and by just letting things play themselves out, nothing seems to make a difference.

Anyone else have a toddler going through this? Why doesn't she believe me? What can I do to not lose my mind?
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