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I had a routine u/s today (the hospital here likes to do one around 33 weeks to make sure the baby is growing properly) and it was a great experience. DH unfortunately couldn't come with me, because we don't have child care for ds, but I did get some pictures to show him.

Anyway, everything looks great. Baby was a normal size (just over 50%), head down and already slightly engaged, heart beat was fine as were the internal organs, and it is definitely a GIRL
girl: !

The midwife who did the u/s was fantastic
. There she is, this middle aged woman who has seen it all, and she can still get excited about other people's babies. She even got all lyrical about the umbilical cord! She works half time in u/s dept and half time in L&D, so I am hoping she's on duty when I go in to have this little one. I'd love to have her deliver my baby.

We got into this long conversation where she bemoaned the loss of skills of the modern midwife - she remembers the days when a breech position did not automatically lead to a c-section, and has delivered many breech babies herself. (Not that this is an issue this time - this baby has been head down for a while now, and I doubt she will turn breech.)

I got some great pictures - including one where you can see a very cute, delicate little nose, and some very plump lips. I am incubating an Angelina Jolie clone!!!
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