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She's kickin me in the butt! Does this mean breach??

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Ok, this past week or two, this baby has been constantly kicking me WAY down low--I feel it in my butt!! I don't feel even half or a fourth as many movements closer to my belly button or even above my hips. As I speak, she's jumping on my bottom, bladder, and even a bit in front. I'm about 30 wks or so (at least that's how I'm measuring--acccording to the u/s I should be about 26
: ), so I'm concerned about this babe being breach--feet down. I know it's kind of early to really worry, but I'm just concerned/ curious.

What do you think? And ideas? Is she just *punching* me?!

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Are you sure she's breech? It could be punches in your butt and kicks around your belly button. At 30 weeks, it's quite possible that the baby is so cramped that he/she can't kick so high near your rib cage anymore. Also, is this your first? First babies tend to "drop" more quickly than subsequent babies. You could just have an early dropper.

If you know for sure your babe is breech (feel head and butt or seen high tech picture) then yes, you do have plenty of time. Most babies who are breech at 30 weeks flip well before delivery.

Cutting citrus may well be worth a try. Otherwise, do a search on this board and the homebirth board. Both have had "How to flip a breech baby" threads with lots of good info.

Best wishes!
I get the same thing..I'm 23 weeks but measuring 30

At first I thought it was impossible to get bumps that far back. My babe isn't breech but I think he is transverse (I think that is the right term for kinda diagonal and sideways) and I think just about everything goes everywhere!

I didn't know about the citrus fruit thing. That is kinda neat!
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My baby is head down, and I feel "bumps" back there sometimes as well, its either her hands or her head bumping....... she moves her hands around alot and she's pretty darn strong....

Feeling bumps back there is no way to decide if baby is head down or head up..

my son was breech, and he barely moved at all, his feet were under him and I don't think they could move very much.

(I'm 32 weeks now)
Hard to say for sure without an ultrasound. But, my baby is breech at 33 weeks. I always feel the kicks from belly button on down, but never above, like under the ribs. We first knew she was breech around 30 weeks because her head feels like a hard round ball, like a baseball. At that time the baseball was around the belly button, and it just keeps moving up. Sorry, hope yours is not breech as it is turning out to be a real pain in the ass.
I was almost positive my first daughter was breech late in pregnancy, because I felt a really hard bump always by my belly button...but it turns out she (and many babies?) had a really bony butt!! A joke on her that I haven't been able to use yet, but someday it'll be a family funny.

Babies who are breech at 30 weeks very very often can and will flip, in fact, there is a much higher incidence of breech-ness before about 30 weeks. Many premature babies are breech as a result of this...I would have a skilled doctor/midwife feel you belly and let you know for sure, and then start breech turning activities at about 34 weeks if baby hasn't turned by then. If you do them too soon, you may be successful but baby will just turn back.

Good luck!
If so, your cervix will be acid, and she won't go anywhere near it. No baby likes to put their head near an acid cervix. they can feel it through the membrane.
I'm just curious: Is there any kind of research or literature to back this up?


Well, in both my pregnancies my babies have been breech at 34-35 weeks, but then turned, so even if yours is breech, there is time for her to turn.

Maybe you are feeling hands, elbows or shoulders moving.
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Well, I have an appt. soon and an u/s soon too to do a recheck on my placenta--was pretty "previa" at the 18 wk scan, but it's only like a 1% chance that it hasn't grown "up" with the rest of my uterus. But I'm sure my mw can tell about the breech thing when I go. I just was wondering how any other mamas felt about kicks determining position, etc. It's just so weird to get those kicks right in my butt, like she's kicking the chair I'm sitting on! Anyway, thanks for the encouragement and ideas.

I don't think I get a ton of citrus. I do drink about a glass of OJ daily and an orange every now and again. But not tons. Something to think about though. Thanks Hilary!
I wasn't reading every word. Are you having a homebirth? My dd2 was born in the hospital with a nurse midwife. She had a doctor turn my breech baby. He was the only doctor in my area who knew how to do it. So I guess they are not teaching it in school anymore and doing cesareans instead. So sad. It hurt alot but it was worth avoiding a cesarean.
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