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She's Out! Mary Tyler arrived...

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Well, it was a really intense labour and I dilated to 9cm no problem. Then I stayed there for 5 hours trying to cope with very strong involuntary pushing contractions. At this point we realized that something was terribly wrong because baby kept floating back up into my ribcage. We consulted with the OB who figured that my uterus was not working because of either a rupture or an abrupting placenta. We decided to do a C-section and she was born Sunday evening at 6:20. It turns out, my placenta was abrupting so my uterus was unable to push the baby down into my pelvis. There was some other weird stuff going on in there as well. My bladder had adhered to my uterus and there some very large clots that had to be sent off to pathology to determine what they were from. Anyway, my baby girl was 9lbs 2oz, 55 cm long with a 35cm head. One BIG girl! We've named her Mary Tyler for my beloved grandmother (who deserves a namesake more than anyone else on earth!) and my little brother who passed away a long time ago. So far she's a dream, very peaceful and content, as long as she's fed at least every 2 hours around the clock! Although I'm not happy to have to recover from another surgical birth, I'm confident that it was necessary this time. We're all thrilled to have her here, now we just have to get used to being a family of 5 - bring on the chaos!!
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whooo hoo!!!! Congratulations!!! I hope you're feeling ok after all that? phew!!

Take care of you and your little one!!!! yaaaaay!!!
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Glad to hear everything is okay - I hope you are healing well!
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Congrats!!! Take care of yourself and enjoy your new little angel.
: Glad that everything turned out ok and hope that you recover quickly
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oh congrats momma!

our babies had almost the exact same stats

hope you are healing well take care
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Me and my girls are doing a happy dance for another May 29th girl! Congrats to you and your family!!!
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