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She's so skinny...

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DD has been quite ill with bronchitis this past week, and has eaten very little solid foods, though has been nursing a lot and not dehydrated. I was nursing her, just now, and stroking her side, when I realized how very prominent her hip and ribs are! It was really disturbing. She wasn't chubby to start with, either. What can I do to chub her up in a hurry? She is still only eating sporadically and pickkky, after being sick.
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I'm sorry to hear your daughter has been ill. I find that when Madyson has some sort of flu or virus that makes her keep nothing down for a few days, she ends up liek this too. She's in the 15th %ile for weight already so when she drops weight, she seems so darn skinny!!! I feel so horrible as a mother for having her be so skinny but she's a picky eater and her father is very slim anyway so I guess she comes by it naturally! I make sure to feed her only very nutritious foods especially as she is coming off an illness. I will become crazy about her eating habits for a couple of weeks and only allow things like whole grain breads and crackers, avocados, tons of fruits and veggies, at least one egg scrambled with soy cheese a day, stuff liek that. I get anal about it because I hate to see her litlte ribs and hipbones poking out! I know exactly how you feel. Maybe if you just offer her nutritious foods constantly, she will begin to put on more weight. Don't forget to use nuts and seeds(if she is over choking age) and cooking oils because they will put weight on your sweetie. Good luck!
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when she nurses, make sure she gets lots of the higher fat hind milk. pumping for a minute or two would help, or just make sure she nurses for a good long time. avacados are high fat and yummy.. also, try stirring one teaspoon of Flax Seed oil in your child's favourite mushy food (oatmeal, yogurt, whatever).. my son went thru having horrible ezcema, and he dropped quite a bit of weight, trying to heal himself. after munching on (nutritious) high fat foods, he's now a very healthy toddler.. still on the slim side, but you can't see his ribs anymore.
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Thanks all for the support and advice!
I have long given her avocados, which she usually likes and will eat quite a bit of; one of the rare fruits or veg she will eat happily
: . I also have a bag of pre=ground flax meal in the fridge, which I just mixed some of into a big bowl of grits and buttered eggs. she ate a fair amount of that, with nursie sips from mommy in between :LOL . I do encourage her to stay on one side for a long time, but lately she has developed a game of switching from one side to another, which dilemma I'm sure is familiar to most of us
. I do try to put her back on one side, or start a fresh nursing session with the breast most recently nursed, to get hind milk. I can't pump for crap, unfortunately.
I'm also going to make her some yummy french toast with cream instead of milk, and fortify some chocolate soy milk with cow's milk powder. I'm sure she'll plump up soon.
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Chemigogo - I can totally relate! My dd is under the curve for weight (16lbs 11oz at 1 yr, and 18lbs 2 oz at 15mo) without being sick, etc. She's just tiny. Some things I've tried to get some chub on that baby :LOL are egg yolks mashed with banana, cereal (i.e. organic Os) served with half & half, cheese cubes, whole milk yogurt, cream mixed with oatmeal, etc. She also loves sausage.
I'm not sure how old your dd is, but mine is 16mo & going through a "must feed myself w/a spoon' stage, so giving her things to eat w/a spoon (i.e. yogurt, etc), often works better than other things.

Good luck!! Hopefully she'll be feeling better & bounce back soon!
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