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I want to do some serious tie dyeing for Christmas presents...I've got my Dharma Trading co order almost ready to go. Here's my list so far:

MIL: Banner
FIL: Handkerchiefs
DD: Gypsy Skirt, socks. Playsilk wings (habotai scarf)
DD#2: Union Suit, socks
Mom: socks, shirt
Dad: boxer shorts?
SIL: scrubs
DH: t-shirt

I'd like to try some more advanced techniques for some of these things-like Shibori. Has anyone else ever done this? Do I prime the fabric with soda ash BEFORE stitching in the shibori patterns, or do I do it AFTERWARDS? I don't seem to be coming up with many good sites that actually show techniques and talk about steps.

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I would think before: but as ever, swatch, swatch, swatch
Try one before, one after and see what you think.
I seem to be saying this non-stop this year, it's getting quite depressing.
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