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shiny faucets?

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i read a few days ago something you can clean your faucets with that repells water to keep them shiny for longer,olive oil maybe?
i can't remember,anyone??
thanks ladies,
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Yes, I think it is olive oil. I recall reading a thread here that mentioned using olive oil to shine stainless steel in particular. I haven't tried it yet, but I am looking forward to seeing if it works!
I'll try too! I hate when the faucets look grimy after I just cleaned them. Please share how you did it & your results.
I tried this yesterday, and it worked pretty well. I used a flour sack cloth rag to distribute a thin, even coating of oil on my stainless steel sink. The oil shined and evened-out the tone of the metal. I did need to do some slight buffing with a clean, dry corner of the rag, but it turned out nicely. I also tried olive oil on my cabinets and a wooden window sill -- that worked wonderfully! I purchased some orange essential oil to mix into the olive oil for a more refreshing scent.
Thanks for sharing. I am definately going to try that. I like the idea for the woodwork too.
For an actual cleanser, Bon Ami works wonders on stainless steel and enamel without scratching and as long as you rinse it well, it is very clean afterwards.
I've heard beeswax works well too, similar to the olive oil I would imagine. Haven't tried it though.
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