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CROCS Kids Cayman navy 12/13 GUC $10 PPD
Elefanten White Rhinestone Butterfly sandals 22 some leather wear here and there, still lots of life $5 PPD
Stride Rite White Minnow Sandals 6 1/2 M Natual motion system, some leather wear and scuffs $5 PPD
Stride Rite 2006 Del Mar Size 7 Bought 2 months ago, $12 PPD
Keds Black Mary Jane Sneaker 7M EC $10 PPD
LN Black Stride Rite Hopscotch Mary Jane 7M SOLD

Bobux Sandals Well loved 12-18 blue, green red, yellow triangle, some of the leather color is worn on the toes FFS
Robeez Pink Booties 12-18 GUC-no scuffs on outside, just normal bottom wear $12 PPD
Robeez Orange Kitties 6-12 Very small toe scuff, normal bottom wear,
and small area of old paint that wouldn't wash off(cant see when on, softest leather) $8 PPD
Robeez Lt. Pink Flower Patch LIght toe scuffs and normal all wear and tear, still very pretty and cute, white eyelet ankle $10PPD
Robeez Orange Flower Patch, very light toe scuff, normal bottom wear, small tear in leather at the top of the foot near the robeez "circle" $5 PPD

Bear Feet Woven Sandals Size 4 $20 PPD(retail $62) Tried on once, never worn. Due to the sole's material it got marks on the sole from just trying on, not walked in though. Exact style and material, but light khaki. Very GN.
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