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Shoes - arrrgggg!!!!!

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One of my dd's has outgrown her sandals, so I went to Target to get a new size and they of course only have fall shoes - arrggg number one.

So I think that maybe I can just get a fall slip on pair for her. Dd is holding out her foot to try on the shoes (she LOVES shoes) so I think that it should be easy to try on, but because she is curling her toes, I can't get any pair on at all - arrrggg number two.

I've posted on freecycle to see if I can find any sandal there, but I am seriously dreading trying to get shoes on her when fall comes. How do you do it when they are curling toes? And this is a girl who WANTS to wear the shoes.
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My dd used to curl her toes, and like yours, wanted shoes! Who knows why they do that.
I guess she eventually stopped doing it. I also started taking both dd and ds to Stride Rite for shoes. They are pretty pricey, but they last a long time, have cute options, and FIT (and I have always had excellent service). Even if I have just got their feet measured I still mess up and get the wrong size shoe. (maybe the toe curling?)
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I have no idea if this would work, but as I read your post I thought; what if when you're about to put her shoes on, you curl and uncurl your fingers (in a fist) and say "uncurl your toes" or something to that effect?

She's most likely not aware that she's doing it and that it's hindering the process, so make it a fun game to NOT do it...???
I just got Sage some Pedoodles, they are really designed great, the tongue opens completely so their foot can slip in easily.
i used to hate buying shoes for my son when he was younger.. his feet were so fat.. to put it bluntly..
the tops were very big so when i did up the velcro it barely even attached to itself...
Sandals were OUT of the question too..

luckily now his feet have become less fat on the tops and he's able to wear pretty much any shoes he wants.. and he also loves shoes.
For kids your dds' ages, I recommend getting the soft-soled sandles. Pedoodles and Robeez make some very good ones, and you don't have to worry about the dreaded toe curl

I also recommend going to Stride Rite. Properly fitted shoes are VUUUURRRRY important for this age, and we've had the BEST luck getting quality shoes and a good fit there
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AAACK!!!! My pet peeve! Target hasn't much for girls' sandals out for almost a month now!

Um, people, it's *August*...

Of course, the fact that I refuse to buy anything with Dora the Explorer's face on it eliminates 80% of the shoes.
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My daughter outgrew her sandals too about two weeks ago and I can't find anything in her size anywhere!

I ended up buying a pair of those knock off Croc shoes that are basically made of styrofoam.

I always thought they looked like they'd be bad for a kid's foot, but then the Washington Post ran an article that said even many foot docs are reccomending them.

When I found a pair for under eight bucks, I figured we'd give them a shot!

good luck!
check out the local thrift stores... you'll only be using them for a few months, so why pay $30 for new ones?
I saw these in another thread the other day:
I'll definitely be getting some for my kids next summer!
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