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Shoes for really chubby baby feet?

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All the shoes we've tried either fall off or are way too tight around the
ankle -- well, it's not even really an ankle... more like a cankle.
I love Robeez but they just don't fit right!

Any suggestions? Is there a brand of soft soled shoes out there that won't turn my little one's foot purple?
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Check out these:

Platypaws Hiker

Buskins Boat shoes

Moss Feet Shoes

They have worked out well for us, anyway!
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shoo shoos are wider.
Also, if you want soft-soled shoes that have VERY flexible rubber soles, check out these:

All of these works well for my guy with a moderately chubby ankle aND very chubby/high instep. (or Cheaper and directly from the family/manufacturer at this site. A great Polish family business to buy from!)

Robeez made Jett's feet and ankles look terrible. I bought them for him, let him ride in the sling all around the mall with his new sandals on and then promptly returned them. Even though they were on the big side (for this summer) they were STILL too tight on his ankles. I didn't even think his ankles were THAT chubby.
annakiss, do you mean the shooshoos are wider than the ones I posted, or wider than the Robeez?
um... wider than robeez. they look perhaps wider than those others, but it's hard to tell from a pic. isabooties are pretty wide too.
My daughter's got chubster feet and the Robeez knockoffs at Target suit her well. You could try a pair on him (they are hung up in bags but you wouldn't have to rip the bag open, there's a snap, I believe.)
Thanks everyone. Past_VNE, those links/shoes are great! How have I not heard of any of those before?! I might try to cheapos at Target first, though. Thanks again!
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