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Shoes question

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I'm pretty picky about what I put on James' feet. I did a lot of research and found out which shoes experts reccomend and all that, so thats what I buy, despite the price tag.

Well it's almost Summer, we take trips to the park often and play outside a LOT. I just got him a brand new pair of Stride Rites and he's been wearing those playing...well they are already pretty rough looking (not even a week old!) so I headed over to the store and bought him a cheapie pair of play shoes.

They are really stiff (I read that kiddos shoes should be pretty bendable). But they are flat, no arch support. Is that a bad idea? Should I just get another pair of good shoes for him to play in? I'm really paranoid about feet and leg formation (I'm pidgen toed, have been since birth, did the physical therapy, but it was too late, my legs are crooked, I'd have to get them broken and reset to make them right)
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I have been told that experts recommend flat shoes (no arch supports) for babies and toddlers as it promotes healthy foot development.

Originally Posted by lasciate
I have been told that experts recommend flat shoes (no arch supports) for babies and toddlers as it promotes healthy foot development.
yes, my mom's podiatrist said the same thing to me about toddler shoes. He (nad I have read others) recommend Robeez, Bobux and the like for babes who have been walking for less than 2 years.

I'm not an expert....that's just what I have discovered.

Children's Place makes some decent shoes, IMO. Supportive but not stiff.
I think flexibility is the most important thing. I can't see why a toddler would need arch support. I would get him a different pair of play shoes that have more flex.
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Payless is selling Crocs knockoffs that are very flexible and seem to stay on little feet quite well. I just picked up a pair for ds2 (22 months) and he loves that he can put them on and take them off. They will be our official summer play shoes. Oh, and they were $12.99.
I like ebay for shoes. Lots of deals, both new and used, and you can search by brand if you want.

Then again, some radicals say that the best thing for foot development at any age is walking barefoot on the ground (not concrete).
Woops, formed that sentence wrong, I guess I meant the non-flexable part being a bad idea.
I like the no arch support, but not the non-flexable. I kept the reciept, I might return them and get a pair at payless instead, I'll probably pay a bit more, but no where close to the price of Stride Rites.

I do love those crocs, I might see if I can find them in James' size.

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If you like stride rites but don't want to pay the big bucks, try marshall's, tj maxx, etc. I've gotten 2 pairs (in last season's colors or styles) there for under $15 a peice (compared to $42 for her frst little mary janes after she was too rough for Robeez)

Does anybody have a good recommendation for flexible SANDALS for my girl that won't force us to do without groceries for the month? Everything I can find has a yucky thick foam sole that won't flex, or there are leather ones that seem very boy-ish and brown.
I buy dd's sandals at Target, for the last several years I've always found one pair that were softer then all the rest. Last year it was a jelly-like sandal that she loved and held up the entire summer. I haven't gone sandal shopping here yet so I don't know that this season's selection is.
As far as sandals go I buy ds one nice pair of birkenstocks each spring/summer...they are a little more than I like to spend, but they LAST! Plus they are comfortable & flexible, and he can toss them on himself.
I actually looked around on ebay and found quite a few this year so far for some good prices.
My son also loves the teeny crocs and they are great for summer yard & water play. I see the knockoffs everywhere for as low as $9 now.
I don't remember how old your ds is, but my dd is 20 months and we're still in all soft shoes here. I plan to stay in soft shoes as long as I can find them to fit her. Target has some for around $13.

Unfortunately, I don't have a heck of a lot of choice for DS's shoes - he wears an XW (really needs an XXW but those are nearly impossible to find), so I walk into the shoe store and ask what they have in his size - usually it is either Stride Rites or New Balance sneakers.

I seem to recall that arch support is not important (little ones don't have arches) but flexibility is. I did pick up a cheap pair of Teva-like sandals for DS at Marshalls - I'm hoping that the straps open up enough to handle DS's platypus feet!
My boys are both exactly like this! We also are resigned to buying whatever will fit and even then it isn't great. I don't know why shoemakers assume that all children grow out of it and suddenly stop having wide feet once they are preschoolers. We actually have a good selection now compared to what happens at about size 10. Ugh.
James is 14 months, but I think I'd rather have firmer soles for walking on rocks and the wood chips they use at the park.

I'm heading to Marshells tomorrow to check on a new cheaper pair of stride rites, returned the others.
There are several brands of soft shoes with thicker soles. Soft shoes are really the best developmentally for all feet- especially growing ones.

-Angela YEP! Wide shoes with an EXTREMELY flexible bottom. It's so flexi, it flexes sideways, too. So well-made, too!!

I have the same comments for these:

IMO, the Stride Rite shoes have good marketers, but little more. They are SO stiff compared to the shoes we have for Jett.
Becca, we do the See Kai Run sandals and the Buskins summa sandals. I'm thinking about getting the Livie and Luca Critter sandals, b/c I love the other shoes I have by them.

We would not buy jellies because of the really nasty toxins that come out of super-soft plastics like that.
Jody, what an AWESOME! site!! Thanks for that link!!!

Despite my obsession with shoes for the fashion aspect of it, my husband, son and I are barefoot all of the time at home, often in the car, etc. Our street never gets swept and is filthy, so we wear shoes outside our home, because of glass, metal chunks, etc., that I see lying about. ICK! Other homes, we were always barefoot outside.
I actually border on being a Barefooter, though am not one to push stores too far in their stupid belief that shoes are legally required. (I did push Wawa pretty hard once last year, though I lost to a [email protected]$$ worker.

Jett wears soft rubber sole shoes when he's at work with me, because we're in a hangar and when it's not freshly scrubbed, the floor has oil, jet fuel, solvents, anti-ice fluid, metal filings, etc. all over. Not good for suede bottoms or bare feet.
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