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Shopping bags?

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What works better for grocery shopping- canvas bags or string bags? I'm ordering some bags through the ecobags co-op and I have to decide which ones to get.
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string bags for produce, then canvas for the groceries.
Depends on what you're shopping for...
I like the string for farmers markets and anywhere else where you'll be walking around and can stuff an empty bag in your pocket or purse and use when necessary. They're really good for odd shaped items. They're not good for box like items though, like cereal boxes, the corners snag on the mesh.

The canvas bags I use for going out for the day and can pack a book, my purse, some snacks and water, etc. I find they're too narrow width wise to put groceries in, and stuff gets squished at the bottom, eg. grapes, soft fruit because they don't stretch like the mesh bags.

I prefer the green "square" shaped bags for boxes and canned goods. They keep them from falling over and everything is tidy and upright at the end of a car ride.
I have canvas bags sized similar to a bit bigger than paper grocery bags and they carry the goods well enough but they are bulky to store in between uses. I pack my own groceries in them and use 4-6 for my weekly trips to the store for my family of 6. It takes far fewer than plastic because they are strong enough to take more weight. All that said I like having a couple of string bags because they are smaller when empty and s-t-r-e-t-c-h to hold a ton.
Hmm, so maybe I should get a few of both? I'd like to do away with plastic grocery bags completely (except for raw meat.) I already have a few canvas bags, but not nearly enough to use for all my groceries.
Hmm, so maybe I should get a few of both? I'd like to do away with plastic grocery bags completely (except for raw meat.) I already have a few canvas bags, but not nearly enough to use for all my groceries.
I use both. Produce and od-shaped things in string and cold stuff and everything else in the canvas. I like the wide canvas as opposed to the tall one. To store, I just shove them all inside 1 canvas bag and hang it on a hanger in the coat closet.
i like them both also. the string bags are great for other stuff too not just groceries. I use it for change of clothes or a beach, etc. I have a few tall and mostly wides. The talls are great for cereal boxes or big library books. The net bags are great for holding things to amaze the baggers at the store too LOL I'm like just put it in, trust me those can hold A LOT!! oh and for meat I got a few of the large produce bags for meat ( I don't buy a lot of meat anyway) and throw them in the was when I get home.
definitely the CANVAS ones work better for grocery shopping! i have the organic eco-bags totes (i bought a bunch in a co-op) & LOVE them! i use
the string ones for small farmer's market trips pretty much. i still get wierd
looks from cashiers & baggers when i present my bags but i don't care, these
bags are so wonderful, easier to carry, great for the enviornment & fun! i
despise plastic bags now... it really breaks my heart to when i see them
stuck in trees, etc... i wish more people used the eco-bags. so far i have
only had 1 compliment on them while shopping & i have used them for 6
months now (pretty sad, huh?)
I'd worry about small stuff falling out of the string type, though they are fun to make if you crochet...

I use canvas, keep them stashed in the trunk of my car.
I could never "get into" the string ones, but appreciate other shoppers who get their use of them. I use a "bag in a bag" which folds up into a keychain, and just throw that in my bag or bike. It comes in very handy for quick jaunts to the store. I just always store my produce on top, and carry out the eggs and bread if I have no room for the bread on the produce. I say get them both, because you'll no doubt find use for them if you don't use them for groceries.
I do crochet some, and have made my own bags, but it turns out too "thick" compared to the ecobag ones. I could crochet with finer yarn/string, but then it would take an awful long time, and the cost of the yarn/string/my time would be way more than buying a bag to begin with!
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