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short LP and spotting before AF (also nursing toddler)

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My luteal phase is usually between 9 and 11 days. In many cycles, I start to spot at 5 or 6 DPO, so really too soon before AF begins. My two-year-old DD is nursing three times per day, for maybe 5 minutes each time. I'm afraid I'm going to have to wean her down to twice a day, because we really want to get pg again soon.

So, do I need to see my midwife or doctor about the spotting and short lp before we ttc? I'm afraid that if I do get pregnant, I will miscarry. I want to prevent that, if I can, of course.

Thanks for your help!
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FWIW, I got pregnant both times with 10 day luteal phases... they are on the shorter side, but still probably long enough to allow implantation to occur.
The amount of nursing your toddler is doing probably isn't enough to affect your fertility too much. Each person is different, but my initial reaction is that
DD's nursing is not the culprit.
You might want to check out Marilyn Shannon's book _Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition_ , which gives nutritional strategies for improving fertility signs.
For shorter luteal phases she recommends getting on a good vitamin with a lot of B vitamins in it such as Optivite, which is designed to improve luteal phase hormones. She is also a big fan of taking 1-2 T or 6 capsules of flax seed oil per day to also improve fertility.
The spotting is a little wonky and could be a sign of luteal phase inadequacy (and would go hand in hand with your shorter luteal phases) again, Optivite might help.
take care
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Yeah, I get short luteal phase while nursing too. I find *for me* it usually works itself out after a few cycles, but everyone is different.

I am currently only nursing my almost 3 year old once a day, and not even every day. He's a busy little guy! Anyways, the past several cycles I haven't had an LP longer than 9 days. I take a decent multivitamin ("high potency" and from the health food store, not the grocery store) but it just wasn't enough for me. I added a b-100 complex last month, and some extra vitamin E, and this last cycle my LP was 11 days instead of 8. I consider that a step in the right direction! Hopefully this cycle will be better still, and if AF shows up, I hope I'll at least have a good 11-12 day LP. I've been under more stress than usual, and that adds to the body's need for b-vitamins, which is probably why the b-100 helped so quickly.

Hope this helps!
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