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Hello. I have a short survey for a master's class I'm currently enrolled in. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Investigator: Candace Breen
Email: [email protected]
Research title: How does academic achievement in multi-level instructional settings compare to that in traditional single level instructional settings?

You are invited to participate with no obligation in a research study regarding the academic achievement in Montessori schools and multi-age classes when compared to traditional schools/classes. You will participate in a survey answering questions. The survey will be kept anonymous and your answers will be kept strictly confidential. Participation in this survey is voluntary and you are welcome to withdraw at any time with no penalty. The results from your survey will help me with my action research project for EDEL 676. If you have any further questions regarding this survey please contact me at the above email address.

Please click on the link below to participate in the survey. Thank you for your participation!
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