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shortened cervix??

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My mw has told me that my cervix has shortened -- I think from the excitement of hearing that something has happened I forgot to ask her exactly what that means....I mean does that mean it is effacing/thinning? If it is shorter, does that mean my mucus plug is gone?

I'd really like an answer to this one, so I am bumpin it back up to the top! I searched the internet and didn't find anything much and the threads here!
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well that didn't work lemmee try this.

I wish I knew! It sounds good, though.

Maybe if you tried posting this ? in the Midwives/Doula forum in Birth and Beyond, someone probably will be able to give a definitive answer.
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Thanks! I really appreciate your reply.
Yep - it means you are effacing.
Or dilating. Basically, the cervix is nice and long and closed during pregnancy, then once you start gettingready for labor, it shortens, and opens. Think of the neck of a balloon when the balloon isn't fully inflated...long, narrow. But on a fully inflated balloon, the neck is almost not there. Same kind of idea, baby's head pushes on cervix, and "inflates" that part. Hopefully that makes sense...
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