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shorties/longies without short rows?

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I'm short row disabled. I get it right on one side, and a hole on the other. I think I've tried everything (open to suggestions, but I'm discouraged).

My 2yo is needing some shorties. I HEART my LTK patterns but oy, all my little heinies have holes. Are there other longie patterns in the round that have shaping some other way? I should just haul my sorry self to the knitting master who lives down the street and ask her to show me. (well, she just lost her husband suddenly
so I can't right now)
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There are several dif. pictorals there for ways to do short rows.
I just finished my first pair of LTK Picky Pants - is that the pattern you have? I chose to do the option without short rows and am *very* pleased with how they turned out.
Yes, the picky pants does come with the no short row option.

However, short rows are used in knitting for way more then butt room in pants- they're in socks, tops ect. It is way worth the time to master the short row.

Have you tried snugging up the stitches around the hole?
lol, socks is how I know I have a def problem with short rows. I'd always done socks picking up stitches at the heel, but last week tried with short rows and eeew, they looked bad. I think I will spend some time working on mastering them - thanks for the encouragement.
Check out the advanced techniques at where it shows a video of how to wrap and pick up the wrap to prevent holes. This site has helped me IMMENSELY with my knitting!

Hope this helps,

In my LTKs pattern (don't remember which ones I have...), I had trouble on the right side, where you knit, wrap, and then purl back through the center back stitch marker.

What helped on my next pair was to knit both the wrapped stitch and the one right below it. I have no idea if it makes a huge difference in the finished product, but it looks fine to me, and definately far better than small holes!

I have no idea if my pregnant brain makes any sense, but I'd be willing to snap a few pictures on my next pair to clarify....
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Yes, for me it's the wrapping on the purling back part. The instructions just say "reverse the process" but that was never totally clear to me. I have tried knitting the wrap AND the stitch, but never the stitch below those two - are you saying you knit into three loops?
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