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if you think your child is stuttering

the above link is very good for how to talk to a child ( or anyone really , just adjust some things for adults) who is stuttering. and also how to tell if the disfluency is normal or not. i really like this website. my husband stutters and thinks the advice posted there is good too.

and alo, i am not so sure impatience will make it a permanant problem. i think people who have a "true stutter" have a neurological problem that has nothing to do with encouragement or patience, but the patience does help dont get me wrong. i just mean that if someone has a "real" stutter, there is not alot that will change it, they will stutter into adulthood. again, alot of childhood stutering is normal and unpermenant like everyone else has said.

there is just a myth that stutterers stutter due to some kind of nervousness, but it is simply not true. stuttering stresses them out, therefore a relaxed atmosphere will help get through the "blocked" words.
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