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Originally Posted by Bearsmama
My DS will be 30 months in July. He has always been EXTREMELY verbal and is very advanced language-wise for his age.

I've noticed recently, however, that when he gets excited about something, he stammers. Like when he wants to say, "Will you please mommy do X" he starts by saying, "W-W-W-W". Sometimes I've reminded him to slow down and tell me what he wants, but he doesn't seem to understand that yet. This only seems to really happen when he is excited or maybe even anxious about a new situation.

My question then is: Should this intermittent speech problem worry me at this age???

TIA for any insight/advice.
If it's occasional and only in excitement....coming from someone who has worked with kids with different delays and some speech problems for awhile, I would not worry about it. I think sometimes their brains think up things faster than their mouth can move.
If it goes on more than a couple months, or your son seems to get more and more nervous, distressed, it happens more often, then I'd go get a speech eval.
Just my 2 cents.
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