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Us Too! Us Too!!!!!!!

DS will be 3 in July, and a few months ago, he went through an *EXTENDED* "why" stage. Dd's "why" stage didn't last this long, so we were surprised that ds's did.....and we were getting comments from people about it.

Then all of a sudden,he stopped with the "why's" and started studdering.....I could tell he was soooooooooooooooo frustrated,as all of us were. The studdering lasted about two weeks, and he is talking fluently and with great sophistication. He expresses himself very clearly,using very complex word structures and thought patterns!!

Our jaws need to be picked up off the floor much of the time from either laughter(he has a GREAT SENSE OF HUMOUR) or from the "reality" of what he comprehends!!!

Scary,amusing,and delightful-all at the same time!!!

Give it time, and if he doesn't pass through this stage, pm the poster who is a speech path.

I am most sure he is more than fine-probably just a very intelligent little guy who has a LOT to say and his brain is figuring out how to say it all!!!!!!!

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