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Should I be concerned?

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I'm 33 weeks (almost 34) and started vomiting around 11 PM last night....started out with really severe heartburn that progressed to vomiting. From 11 PM to 10 AM this morning I threw up 14 times and had diarrhea 7 times (sorry, TMI). I called my OB office at 8 AM (by that point I had thrown up 11 times and had 5 episodes of diarrhea) and the nurse just told me to eat the BRAT diet even though I told her that I couldn't even keep down water. It's been so bad that I can't even lay down due to the constant heartburn. I'm horribly dehydrated and sleep deprived too, since I can't lie down. The baby is still moving fine, thank god.

The nurse said she would tell my OB and they would call me back if there was anything else they thought I should's 2 PM and I haven't heard anything.

Fortunately, my heartburn has settled down in the last 30 minutes b/c I gave in and took a Zantac. I still feel mildly nauseous and haven't been able to eat a thing for well over 24 hours- my stomach feels like it is at the bottom of my throat (I am HUGE and have felt that way for a couple of weeks now, so it's felt like that even on a good day...).

Should I be concerned? I'm not in the clear yet b/c the nausea is still lingering, and I feel like I have a mild fever. I feel like my OB office more or less blew this off? I had no problems whatsoever when I was pregnant with my three year old- this is a big shock!

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Can you keep down water/broth/soda/liquids? My only concern would be if you think you've lost so much fluid that you're at risk for being dehydrated. Dehydration can cause you to have more contraction activity (not that you'd be sent into full-blown labor, but it's sort of a sign from your body that you need more fluids). If you start feeling really out of it, you always have the option to go get a bolus of saline intraveneously. I wouldn't be too worried right now as it's only been a day or so, but do try to drink some fluids, even little sips.
I've had a little bit of water, then I tried gatorade, but both came back up within the hour when I vomited. I'm to the point of dry heaves. My stomach is really tight and I told the RN at the OB's, and she said it was b/c I was dehydrated. I feel like a could drink a gallon of water at this point, but it seems like every time I drink fluids it just agitates my stomach even more.

I'm kind of surprised the RN didn't mention an IV.....

The Zantac seems to have worn off- I tried lying down since the heartburn resolved quite bit and within minutes I felt like I was going to throw up all over again. I'm sitting up and the heartburn is killing me- it seems like no position relieves it. I don't know if this is what's causing the nausea and ultimately vomiting?

Scary- I haven't felt this sick even when I wasn't pregnant!

i'm far from an expert, all i can say is if it were me, i'd be calling or even going over there right now, and i am doing a HB w/ a midwife. if you could avoid an ER visit tonight, you want to. dehydration shouldn't be messed w/ for sure, and since it's not getting better and going on for over 24 hrs, it definitely seems cause for concern to me.

in my experience, the initial response of nurses is to say things are ok, but you need to make that decision for yourself. please, have someone drive you and go in.

and keep us posted.
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Wow, that sounds really scary being so sick while pregnant.
I don't know if this will help, but when dd was throwing up for several days straight, and couldn't keep anything down, the nurse at her dr's office gave me this tip: Have her drink about a tablespoon of water (or other clear fluid) every 15 minutes. If after 5 or 6 times, nothing comes back up, try 2 tablespoons every 15 minutes, and gradually keep adding to it. This helps "trick" the stomach into taking food again and not convulsing. It has worked with both my kids with several stomach bugs.
good luck and may you feel better very soon!
Dehydration is not good. It can irritate the uterus. I would call the doctor and ask her about I.V. fluids. If they are no help, go to ER/Labor and Delivery. Getting hydrated will help with the nausea/sickness. Also sucking on ice chips if you can't keep water down.
I was just in the Labor and Delivery getting I.V. fluids for hypermesis and it really helped break the cycle of nausea/vomiting. Also they gave me mylanta for the heartburn because I couldn't keep Zantac down.
I hope you feel better soon.
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If you have not gone in yet, set a goal for this afternoon, and if you are not keeping liquids down by that time (pp's had great suggestions), go in to the ER (they will send you to the OB ward). I was dehydrated during my last pregnancy and by the time I finally went in, they kept me for two days pumping me full of liquids just to get my constractions to stop (they gave me the turb shots, but when they would wear off the cxt would come back). It was not what i wanted to do (happy homebirther here!) but I needed medical help at that point, and once they had done their job, I went back to our original plans. I hope you are feeling better soon.
i had a stomach virus when i was about 25 wks. prego. it lasted about 4 days and was pure misery. my midwife suggested miso soup, applesauce with carob powder, and to drink water. she said sugary drinks like gatorade and sprite made diarreah worse. i am no expert, but what you are describing sounds like rota (sp?) virus. my family had it a few years ago and it was HORRIBLE. and there is nothing they can do for it. being prego i would definitely see about call your doc again to see about some fluids if you still aren't keeping anything down. they can at least cal you in some phenergan and that will help you sleep and ease the nausea. good luck mama, i know this is just pure torture. PM me if you want.
i'd keep an eye on it and if it doesn't ease off phone your ob again as sicknes and diareah can be early signs of labour, chances are it probebly isn't so please don't be getting yourself all worried, i got similar to what your getting a few times when i was pregnant with my ds caden but mine wasn't nearly as severe the pain was horendous but i was only sick a couple of times and was fine by the morning.
hope your feeling better and are managing to keep some liquids down at least
take care
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I hope you are feeling a bit better by now.

I like the idea of "tricking" the stomach by taking spoons of water. It is something I will have to remember. Sounds very reasonable too.
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Thanks everybody for all your responses! My OB finally prescribed some phenergan which I ended up not needing to take since the vomiting and diarrhea stopped late yesterday afternoon....the horrible heartburn finally went away too....I had a tough night with a fever that kicked in, but it broke around 1 AM and only got up to 100 at the highest. Everything seems to be gone this morning, whew! I still feel pretty wiped out though. It is incredibly scary to be so sick (I thought I possible had the swine flu) during the third trimester....

Thanks again for the responses and well wishes!
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