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Originally Posted by LoveMyLittles
ok so i saw my midwife this morning and i asked about the herbs... she said that the dosage is not enough to INDUCE labor, and that all it will do is help ripen things down there a bit... the whole reason they (my midwives) suggested using herbs is because this is a VBAC and the hospital is putting pressure on me to do a repeat c birth as soon as i step foot in the hospital. because of this and the fact that my first two births involved really long labors, we're waiting until the very last minute to go to the hospital. i'm also trying to take a more active role in the birth in terms of making sure i do a lot of walking etc., and i guess the herbs are supposed to help too.

and btw, i asked the midwife to check me since i was feeling like things were happening... and i'm 1- 1 1/2 cms dilated... everything is REALLY soft down there but i still have a lot effacing to do... but we're on our way.

FWIW, I took those same pills at the end of my last pregnancy, and I really think that they might have made a difference. I had a quick labor, transition,and only pushed twice to get the babe out. Just my experience though
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