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So, I am considering doing a gut-healing diet myself to hopefully find relief from my asthma. I have a lot of food allergies and environmental allergies as well as some IBS symptoms. I have already made quite a few changes to my/our diet. We eat mostly TF with very little sweeteners of any kind (I don't eat any but DS and DH eat honey). I am mostly grain-free and eat low-carb in general. DS still eats grain although less since I do most of the cooking. I give him cod-liver oil and we try to eat probiotic foods on a regular basis.

DS is 2.5 years old and is a pretty robust kid. He is hardly ever sick and when he is, he recovers quickly. No behavioral problems. But he does have an allergy ring on his bum and has pretty much since he was born--he also complains about an itchy bottom sometimes. He occasionally gets excema (sp?) but it is never very bad--his skin just gets a little bumpy but its not red or itchy (noticed over Thanksgiving that this seemed to be connected to sugar and white flour consumption at Grandma's house). Every now and then, he will get bright red cheeks for no apparent reason. For a while, we cut out cinnamon from his diet because he would get a rash on his face after eating it but he doesn't seem to react to it any more. He also tends towards loose, mushy stools but these have been somewhat less frequent lately.

In any case, none of these symptoms really seem to bother him much at this point but I worry that he will have increasing problems in the future like I did. I hate the idea of restricting his diet. We already eat pretty weird compared to most people we know and I am constantly struggling with when to say no to foods other people offer him. But, it also seems like it will be harder to do a restricted diet when he gets older.
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