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Should I do anything differently (washing after diarrhea)?

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We are at the end (I hope!) of a horrible bout of vomiting and diarrhea with dd, which included a night in the hospital for rehydration, and now I'm staring at a huge pail of dirty diapers. Fortunately, there was much more vomiting than diarrhea, but this bug is just so nasty that I've been disinfecting everything in sight.

Should I do anything different with my washing routine, other than maybe an extra hot wash? Right now I do a cold followed by hot wash with extra rinse. Part of me wants to throw a bottle of bleach in, just to nuke this darn virus, but I don't want to ruin my diapers! I do have TTO and Shaklee Basic G (no bleach, just disinfectant) that I was thinking of adding a few drops.

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when in doubt ...VINEGAR!
after my son had diarrhea I washed my diapers (just the fitteds and prefolds) with hot hot water and tea tree oil, with a cup of vinegar. Then for the really stained ones I used, gulp, oxiclean and lots of sun.
I turn the water heater up when I'm doing diaper laundry that includes sickness poo.

I also like to use vinegar in one of the rinses OR an extra wash on warm with SportWash.
Totally OT

LOL ... Very COOL!!

When she was born and we figured out her name (it took us 3 days) we thought we were giving her something totally her own ... but so far I've run into 1 other with exactly the same name and two variations ... your daughter and another Sahara Reign ... I guess with a population of 6 billion plus choosing something truly 'unique' is close to impossible. I absolutely LOVE how you spelled her first name.

Looks like this IS a Ciara Ciarra Sahara thread anyways ...
Staying OT:

I tried hard to get DH to let me name her Cassidy. It was a long battle. I finally gave up and I'm so glad.

Paige - is your "Ciara" a "see-air-ah" or a "key-are-uh"? Is everyone feeling better in your house?
We're going through that now too.
Off to buy some vinegar............
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More OT -

Ours is a "Kee-rah" which is the Irish pronunciation, but of course, everyone calls her "Sierra". Poor thing, her middle name is Rose, we were going to do Roisin, again, the Irish version but didn't want to doom her to a lifetime of mispronunciation!

The dipes are in the wash now, unfortunately mommy is just too sleep-deprived and I put the vinegar in the bleach dispenser.
Oh well, at least it got in there!

At least this has been more of a vomiting bug than a diarrhea one, which makes it a little better as far as dipes go, but I've been washing a lot of her wool covers! And cloth diapers are the greatest for assessing how much she's actually peeing - so much better than sposies!

She's doing a bit better, acting herself, but she vomited again last night.
We're now on day 7 of this bug, grrrrrrr.........!
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