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Should I even bother baking these cookies

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Grrrrrr. I'm an idiot. I made some banana oatmeal cookie dough and forgot to put baking soda in.
: It's too late now because everything is all mixed and it's so dense I'm sure I couldn't mix it in.

I hate to throw out all those great ingredients though. If I baked them would they just be extremely flat. I'm quite used to that actually. My choc. ch. cookies always look like pancakes.

I guess, if all else fails, I could dump a bag of ch. chips in and eat the dough. But honestly the dough isn't that good
there's no sugar. I was hoping they would taste better after I baked them.

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It can't hurt to throw a couple in the oven (or toaster oven if you don't want to heat up the big one) and see what happens...

They might turn out flat, they might turn out heavy, find out!
hmmmm I don't think I would.

Maybe put it on top of the oven to warm up the dough a bit and then try to mix in the soda?
I would bake them anyway, they'll probably turn out ok. If there are eggs in the dough they will rise a little. But, if the dough's not good, the cookies probably won't be very good either. It's worth a try I guess.
Haven't a clue. But I'm glad to see that I wasn't alone in thinking of just eating the dough!
I wouldn't bother, they don't sound yummy enough to survive the lack of b soda.
Well, I went ahead and baked them. Oddly enough the texture and shape turned out just fine. The taste, OTOH, was lacking. I should've just just used the stupid sugar (maple syrup, just didn't do it for me). But, the kids actually really like them.
I guess they didn't notice me gagging.

My kids are enjoying healthy cookies. Cool.

I wish I had some oreos.
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Glad they turned out alright for the kids...sounds like my oatmeal/banana cookies the other night...YUCK! But the kids ate them up. I was gonna tell you to make biscotti out of yours and then drizzle syrup or chocolate over the top.
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