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Should I make the switch

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I currently work part-time at a school. I get no benefits and dd can't attend for more than another year. I was offered a full-time job w/ benefits at another school where dd can attend when I start. It would be a slight hourly cut and the tuition would be a bit more than if she came to my school in later years. There is room for excelling at the "new" school and nothing at the current. Plus...we would have a higher income and insurance which will help w/ monthly costs-currently I have no insurance and dd gets medicaid, but will not qualify after this year is up. Dh also wants to pursue his college education, which he was VERY helpful when I was finishing my BA. He could start as soon as I started this job in the fall if he wanted. Any advice?

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sounds good to me, but I'm not clear on the downsides. The tuition increase - which is in the future? Anything else?

Could you go back to the old job part-time if you don't like the full-time position? How important is health insurance to you? Do you feel OK without it or totally petrified?

Do you *want* to work full-time? Ask yourself that question for a moment and just leave your out of the equation for a moment.

If you *DO* want to work full-time, than find a way to mitigate any downsides for your kid. If you really don't want to work full-time, than find a way to scratch it out the ways things are until something better comes along.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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