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Should I take 'Keflex' antibiotic for mastitis? - alternatives?

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So I was just nowq diagnoised with a large mastitis and prescribed 'keflex'.
I've been working with ds 7.5mos to unclog this since yesterday morning to no avail. Is there some other therapy that is worth trying at the risk of getting an abcess?
Has anyone else used Keflex? Doc. says I shouldn't have to worry about thrush as it's very mild. - Any advice or knowledege would be appreciated.
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How bad is it? I beat mastitis with vitamin C (4000mg/day), echinacea (6 capsules/day) and garlic (6-8 cloves/day - yes, I was stinky
), but I caught it early (<24h) and didn't have a really severe case, though I felt pretty awful.

You could always fill the prescription so you have the antibiotics on hand as a backup, then go ahead and try the natural therapies for a day or so, and switch if you don't see improvement.
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