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should things change?

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i hope this hasn't been addressed but i have a question. my son is 6.5 and has always been a co-sleeper. his dad and i split up when he was 1.5 and whichever parent's house he is at he sleeps with. he has his own room at both houses and plays in there but has no desire to sleep in there. and frankly, neither his father or i have a problem with it. i love having him close.

and maybe i'm asking the wrong crowd here :LOL but is there anything wrong with that? he has occasionally had friends sleep over and he'll sleep with the other kid in his room but otherwise it's always with mama or dad.
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I have a 6-yr-old that still sleeps with either me or dh. She has spent the night with my parents and after my mom has gotten her and her sister to sleep, she has stayed asleep without an adult being with her, so I don't worry about her being able to sleep alone. And I'm sure at some point she'll be ready to sleep alone and will let us know. So, obviously I don't see anything wrong with it!

I guess in your situation the only concern in the future may be when/if you have overnight "company" yourself (or your exh does), but only you know if that's something you need to be concerned with at this point.
that is the beauty of coparenting i suppose. i plan my need for male company for the nights he is with his dad
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really i dont see a problem with that. if he is 12 and still wants to sleep with u i dont see a problem with that either. *shrug* i think many people including myself sleep better with someone in bed with me than alone.

just because it is not the norm here doesnt mean its wrong.
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