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Should we start a 2nd trimester swap?

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I think we're all quickly approaching (or over) that mark.

If no one else was in mind do it first, I can introduce and do the swap.
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I'm feeling pretty out of the loop. What are we swapping?
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Originally Posted by lizabird
I'm feeling pretty out of the loop. What are we swapping?

This is my querry as well.
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What happens is everyone puts in their ISO. Logical things that another mama can provide, not things $50 a piece! There's usually a cost limit of 10-20 bucks, or at your discretion.
So, you post your ISOs for you, for baby and for birth.

Things like: birth beads, a small AIO diaper, an advocacy onesie, some mother's milk tea, etc.

Then after everyone's is up, everyone has a little while to read over what all the ISOs are and PM me based on who they want and what they can provide.
(If I am indeed running this, that is)
Then I spend some time matching them all up and then the mamas send off their stuff. When stuff arrives, you make a post thanking the mamas who contributed.
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Will the swap be posted here? ...Or in the trading post? I, like several other October mamas do not yet qualify for the trading post.

Also...what are birth beads??
Oh no no, it would be here. No one is selling anything, that's why it's a swap.
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I am for it. Now i will have to think of little things I could need

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I'm in! ...thanks for the link on 'em
I'm in! When is the " close date" on the swap? Thanks for organizing this!
Don't worry I haven't even STARTED it yet! I want to make sure there's enough interest, so I'll let this thread get a little more visibility first.
I've never done anything like this before, so I'll have to look back on previous DDC's I've been on and get some ideas.
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I'll hit the second trimester next week, and I'd love to participate!
I would be interested...
I'm in~the due date club i was in last year had two different swaps.One we swapped things for baby/mama and then the second was birth beads for a necklace.I got a handmade wool soaker and a cute lil onesizie in the first swap.They are so much fun!
Sounds like fun to me? When does the 2nd tri start again?
Around week 12.5 or 13.
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Ah, well, there ya go. I'm around 13 right now I believe.
I'm in. I will be 12 weeks tomorrow....

Hard to beleive it's the 2nd trimester already...
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I'm in.... & just as a sidenote... I think I have most of you ladies beat... I'll be at 15 weeks on Saturday
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