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Should we start potty training?

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My DS is 19 months so I knows he is on the young end of the when you should start guidline. He will tell me nonverbally when he has pooped most of the time. And he will indicate the needs to pee right before he does. But its not all the time yet and he is just starting to learn the words for all thats happening and going to happen. We have so many outside preessures asking why isn't he trained yet. He is half Indian and they do EC and well I was sick the first 6 months of his life so wasn't all there for him to do EC with him. He is very much interested in the big potty and will flush it for me. He follows directions reasonably.

SO what do you all think? Will it hurt to try? I don't want to start and than stop or give up in the middle. Would that hurt his self esteem if we did fail the first try? I don't mind changing diapers {DH does though :nana:}.

I bought a potty and am shopping for books for us to read together {any suggestions on good books for that?}.

Thanx ladies. Bye Bye.
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We did very casual ec starting at 7mos, and dd really picked it up at 13mos and then again about 19mos. Remember, ec isn't all or nothing - it is a gentle, child-centered approach to help kids learn how to meet their elimination needs. There is a yahoo group for late-ec. If you have the potty, and he lets you know, or you notice, just take him to the potty, let him finish, dump and flush (my dd's fave part!). I think every pee in a potty is normal, not a "success" and misses or pees/poos in the diaper are just misses, not "failures". If you have a postive, normal attitude about it, so will he! Good luck!
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It might be helpful to look at the "late start EC" stuff over in the EC forum. My first dd was using the potty 100% at 19 months, and our approach was more late start EC than anything. She was showing the types of cues you described. I loved that we moved through this transition peacefully, before the willfullness of age 2 set in. Good luck!
We just started and my son is 18 months. We have done the diaper free days while we are at home. At first, whenever he started to go we whisked him to the potty and he finished there. It clicked really quickly in his head that pee/poop go in the potty so now he will say "potty" or go to the bathroom and yell at me to help if I'm not with him. He only has a few accidents now. We have him wearing "big boy briefs" during the day, but still CD at night. Once I wean him or he starts waking up dry (whichever comes first) I'll put him in briefs at night too. Good luck!
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Well we've been gradually working on it for the last few weeks, and DD is just gone 15 months now. She was showing an interest in the potty and telling me when she needed to go/or had just gone pee/poop in her nappy. We have nappy-free time every day when she can practise going on the potty. We have accidents too, but she's getting the idea that pee and poop go in the potty.

So, no, I don't think it's too early. But if your LO is uninterested I would probably back off and try again in a few weeks. I'm really trying to keep what we're doing very low-key, with no pressure on DD as she is still quite young.
My DS will be 25 months tomorrow... and I'm planning on starting potty training as soon as it gets warm (it bloody snowed last night and we have like probably a half inch plus of SNOW! In APRIL!! :boggle: ), and DS can run around nekkid (both inside & outside - our house is just too cold in the winter, and especially this time of year - we heat with wood so these days either its kinda sorta cold or a frigging oven...). He has actually peed & pooped in the potty randomly over the past few months, and he's pretty good at telling us when he's pooped (not that he likes having his diaper changed...), so I'm hoping it'll go decently well. I should look for some potty books at the library today....
I too am potty training my randa 6/07 she will tell me ca ca ca and then will go potty and if I take off diaper she will through a total fit to sit on it no matter where we are. and will wash hands the instant she is done. then she has to dump it my goodness if I should even try too. She have Meltdowns a lot, if I should try to help. I have tried to say potty she insist on CA CA CA. and will not wear pull up type diapers she only likes real one.
so any idea's for me to help her with less meltdowns.
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A great book for adults to read is Diaper-Free Before 3. I checked it out from my local library. A great potty book for children is Once Upon A Potty.
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