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I've seen someone have distocia - and it is very scary, I would agree. I think there are few situations I've been in that have shaken my faith in birth like being there for the distocia. Pretty wild.

In this case, baby was 9lb but Mom was more than able to push that size out - it was a case of positioning, Mother-position and emotional issues that held baby back. Baby was born with petikia (that purple/blue face) and required some oxygen, but was otherwise ok. The MW was worried she'd broken baby's clavicle getting baby's arm out (before rest of baby born), but she didn't (phew).

My boys have been 7.11, 8.8 and 9.12 - I will say that the hardest to push out was the 8.8 - he is still a very big kid and it had little to do with the fat on him them as it does now.
Our 9.12 was the fastest by FAR (5 minutes total from first push).

In my limited experience I would say that a skinny baby can have a large/wide head and shoulder breadth without being big... and I've seen more trouble with the births of babies that have quite a larger measurement of chest than they do circum. of head. But that's my limited exp. only (50 births?). Anyways...

Fruitful... I think you have to just trust that birth works on it's own 99% of the time, and we are there for the 1%. I wish no one would suffer that tragedy.
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