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My son got stuck on the way out. I ended up on all fours, pushing, and that still wasn't enough. The midwife had to put his (male midwife) hands inside me to turn and pull out DS. Mine was a birth center birth, not a homebirth. My friend (who attended the birth to support me) is an L&D nurse and said it looked like a moderate shoulder dystocia to her. I never asked the midwife though, as I processed the experience with my friend's help. My son was blue when he came out, but more a light blue. He needed a bit of oxygen, and had a nasty bruise down one arm, but otherwise was fine. He was 9lbs 9oz btw. My husband and I both have broad shoulders, and my son has inherited them, so I'm actually expecting another instance of shoulder dystocia with my baby due in March.
I'm still very curious about shoulder dystocia, and how it's defined by different people.
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