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Hi Mommies,
I wanted to vent/ask advice about my son who is 15 months old. He is one of hte shyest/stranger anxiety ridden baby/toddler I have ever seen. Half the times when we go to playgroups he bursts into tears if an adult or sometimes child even just looks at him. He is always clinging to me in social situations, and while I understand that some stranger anxiety is common at his age, his seems over the top ...

At home with his Dada and me he is just fine, laughs, smiles and plays. And sometimes when he is very comfortable with a situation, he will be fine around other toddlers and adults. he doesn't always freak out. It's stressful for me, cause I don't know why he feels so stressed out and shy. All the other kids are playing happily, but he usually wants to be held by me and is whimpering half the time.

I am a very outgoing person, but my husband is shy... Maybe part of this is genetic??? do any of you have kids that are this shy at his age? What should I do? It seems like all his little friends, none are shy...and most do not have stranger anxiety...

I feel like maybe I shouldn't take him to too many playgroups...Even though I am always supportive,a nd hold him when he wants, comfort him..

anybody have any thoughts or had similar situations? do they grow out of it?

thank you,
aloha girl
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