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Sibling gifts?

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Is anyone doing sibling gifts? Both to the baby from the sibs and to the sibs from the baby? If you are, what are you doing and when do you plan on "exchanging" gifts?

I bought my DD a big sister shirt with her name embroidered on it. I also got her a special sidewalk chalk set as something special she can do with DH and GPs after we get home from the BC. I was also thinking of a baby doll, even though she has one already, that would be "special". My parents gave me one when my brother was born and it is still meaningful to me.

I did take DD to Target and let her pick out two small teether/rattle type toys to give to the baby. She doesn't really understand that the baby won't play with toys until its older... But she really wanted to get the baby a froggy toy, so we did.

I am thinking we might wait until we get home to exchange gifts... maybe in a moment when things a getting a little rough for her, to help transition...

Not sure, any advice? What are you planning?
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Dh and I bought dd a new bicycle without pedals (they push it along with their feet) which is going to be from 'the baby'. We also bought a 'kiddie board' (it#s what they're called here in Germany) which is a little board she can stand on which fits onto the pram - even though I plan on carrying the baby in our sling or the Didymos. Dd just wanted something 'special' as a big sister.
Other than that, we have let her 'help' with all the preparations for baby.
-setting up the bassinnette (even though we'll probably end up co-sleeping)
-getting the box of baby toys out (dd loves to pay with them!)
-getting the car seat washed and put back on
-folding, washing and organising baby clothes (some of which she's adopted for her dolls)
-we also let her 'approve of' the name we have picked out

IMO the older sibling doesn't need too many 'things' - he or she will most definitely just want to feel special and have lots of attention from mom, dad and the other family members.
DD has no idea what's coming, LOL! But she's only 17 months. We did recently purchase a year membership to our local children's museum, and I know Grandpa and Daddy are planning to take her there after the baby comes.

I don't think we're going to do any actual presents, just because DD is so young. I do agree about giving them LOTS of attention! Of course, that means I'm actually going to have to *share* this baby so that I can spend some time with DD, LOL! Last time she was ALL MINE!

One very cool thing I read somewhere that I plan to do (since DD won't be in the room for the actual birth) is the first time DD sees me afterwards, I will NOT be holding the baby. I want to spend some quality time (even a couple minutes) just with DD, and then we can see the baby. The article I read said that children (the really little ones, anyway) aren't excited to see the baby--they're excited to see Mama again. I definitely want to make a point to love her up first, then bring on the baby, KWIM?
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My kids picked out a Mommy Bear for thier new baby brother. I let them pick it. I am also getting dd a doll from the baby and ds a dinosaur probly. He likes dinos and she loves girly dolls, so it will work out well for us. We plan on giving them to them as soon as possible. I plan on spending as much time as I can, but them on my lap is not an option,as I'm having a c/s. I do want to cuddle them. They will be spending the night before away from me and I will MISS them.Good luck with gift planning.
We are going to give a gift to DS (who is 2.5 years) from us when #2 is born.... something he'll really like, possibly a new trike, or a bubble mower, or we have a couple of other ideas. Something he can play with outside and enjoy in the spring!
And I second the plan to have me not holding new baby when DS first comes in to meet her. I plan to shower him with love, just us two, first. And when he can, he can hold her.
Hope it all happens soon!

I scored a really great dress-up set for DS on the last round of Fluff Factory auctions, so he'll be getting that "from" baby brother.
Otherwise, he's been helping with things like sorting diapers, sidecarring the crib, etc, so I think he feels like he's participating in preparing for the baby.
I'm on the fence about this.

Austin already loves picking out baby sister stuff (clothes, diapers, hairbows), and Hunter loves wearing them (LOL - he loves trying to stuff his head into a hairband!). I feel like they're both already really involved with stuff for her, and I've already started a stash of stuff to whip out those first few weeks pp when we're stuck in bed/on couch nursing nonstop (books, stickers, etc for the boys).

Easter is close, and both their birthdays are right around my due date. I just don't want them to get overloaded with 'stuff' for those holidays, plus the stash of postpartum stuff to occupy them.

On the other hand I thought it would be fun to do something special for sister, and get something special from her. My mom did this when my sister was born (a pink comb, mirror and brush set all grown up looking, and I remember getting it in the hospital from her). It was special.

I thought about getting some cloth diapers for their bitty baby twins, and maybe a sling and moses basket for them as well, from baby sister. Then I was thinking of taking them to build a bear to make sister a bear or animal? I don't know.

I'm running out of time so I should figure out my plans.
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I'm also really undecided on this whole deal. DS is only 16 mo old, so he has no clue what doom is about to rain onto his little kingdom. Generally I like the idea of giving the older child something special, or something "from" the new sibling, but all I've done is gotten him a couple of new books (he's doing well with wanting to "read" books lately, and I'm getting reeeeeeally tired of the same three ones he keeps hauling to me to read with him.) So I'm hoping that's something I can do with him that's not baby involved at all that he'll like. I'll also try to remember to not be holding the baby when he comes to see me after I've had the new one. If there are other suggestions for helping the little guy adjust in a couple of days here (can you tell I'm hopeful that I'll go any moment now
), I'll be glad to hear them.
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Dd (21 mos) is very into letters and numbers right now, so I picked up a set of very inexpensive wood alphabet blocks for her to be "from the baby." I'm also planning to buy her the board book "Olivia Counts" because she loves Olivia! (The book by Ian Falconer.)

Ditto the idea that when she sees me at first she will have the opportunity to snuggle/nurse by herself. There were good suggestions of this type in the last issue (Jan/Feb) of the LLL mag New Beginnings.
I got both of my boys each a fun book to play with to keep them entertained at the hospital and I got them tee-shirts to embroider big brother sayings on. They have helped me pick out everything for the baby so far and feel pretty included so unless I get a huge burst of energy and take them out I will just have them draw pictures or something to bring to the hospital. I am so happy the dr. thinks they lifted the RSV restrictions so the boys can be there right after the baby is born!
I will be giving my older ds a disposable camera to take pictures of the new baby with. We will get double prints and he can have a set for himself. He loves taking pictures and making his own frames and photo pages. I havent decided what else to do but you all have some great ideas!
Thanks for the ideas! I really like the reminders to have someone else hold the baby when DD comes in. She wants to be there for the birth, so I'm not sure how we'll work it, but I appreciate that advice! I'll have to look for that issue of New Beginnings... I swear I remember reading the article, but I can't remember any specifics.
Oh boy, all that we are doing is we bought a new baby sleeper for the new baby, and we bought a big girl one that is still a footed sleeper for Kaelynn so she doesn't feel left out
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My boys are 4 and 2.5 ....

We made tshirts that say "I'm the bigger brother, I'm the big brother and I'm the little brother." When #2 was born I have big brother in a shirt and all the first day pics he has it one..soooo cute!

We also got both boys the cameras that say "It;s a boy" on the pictures... had one when #2 came...I let big brother take pics with it.

I bought some wooden rattle/toys for them to give the new baby.

For them from baby I got the new Little Ensteins video..they love them. And I found a great big coloring book of there fav characters.

Hope that helps!

Good luck!
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