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Siblings with the same birthday?

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The due date for my second child (DD) is actually my DS's second birthday. For reasons beyond my control, I may have to schedule a c-section for this delivery and therefore might be in the position of choosing my child's birthday. So I'm just wondering if anyone out there has children with the same birthday - and whether you'd recommend it or not? Do your kids like sharing a birthday? What are the pros and cons? If my children don't end up sharing a birthday, obviously their birthdays will be within a few days or a week of each other. Is that any better?
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My girls are 2 years 3 days apart in age. I did have a choice for my second DD's bday because it was an induction and I chose specifically to have them on different days. I think it's important to have that special day that is just yours (in your household). We've always combined actual parties, but have given the girls their own cake and special dinner for their actual birthday.

My DS's bday is 7/17. I'm due with this baby on 7/20, but my OB wants me to be induced a week earlier (7/13) so again I'll have 2 kids with close bdays. I'll do the same thing with them as well.
I don't think I'd intentionally choose the same day if I were you, and could avoid it. I essentially share a birthday with my brother (we are 3 years 1 day apart) and while it wasn't HORRIBLE, because that's the only thing I've ever known, I guess if I had a choice for my own kids, I'd want them at least to have their own day. My brother and I always had our family birthday parties together, and you know, now as an adult, it's kinda fun to have a birthday buddy. But maybe not so much as a child. And now I have a brother-in-law with the same birthday as my brother! How weird is that? So no matter if I'm with my family or my husband's family on my birthday, I have a birthday buddy! :) Just my $.02.
If you have control over it I'd try and give them each their own birth-day. I have a twin sister and while I'm sure some finagalling could've been done to give us seperate birthdays, it wasn't in the cards.

My daughters were born Aug 6th and Aug 17th (5 years apart) and while we can get away with combo birthdays for now, we always make sure to do something special on their respective birth days.
I am due 6 days after DS birthday. I absolutely do not want to have him on the same day. IMO Everyone deserves their special day. I'm worried about DS feeling usurped as it as.

I would schedule it for a day or 2 after if at all possible. I'm having DSs b-day party 2.5 weeks early just in case this one comes early & I'll still do a little celebration on his actual b-day (unless I'm in the hospital) with his birthday ring & a treat.
2 of my kids have a birthday one day after the other, Not by choice! So far it has only been 1 year so we'll see how it plays out. they each had their own "family" party on their own day. And I had my older son's friend party 2 weeks in advance just in case the baby came at his birthay, and good thing I did! We don't do friend birthdays until age 4, and they too far apart in age so I doubt that we'd ever do a combined friend party. I think once they are both having friend parties we will do 1 the weekend before and 1 the weekend after.
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