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sick as a dog

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I am thrilled to be pregnant - finally! But I am so sick. I was sick for 8 months with my dd, so this time will probably be bad too.

Last time I ended up with IV fluids and took Zofran for most of my pregnancy. I'd been hoping that I could do without the Zofran this time, but it's not looking good. At this point I so want to ask for the Zofran script just so I won't feel like crap so much. I am sleeping and hanging out in bed most of the time.

I hate this part of pregnancy. ugh
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Sorry you're feeling so crappy! <<<HUGS>>>
I'm sorry to hear that it lasted so long last time. Maybe it will be over early this time? Hang in there, I'm sure your beautiful little one will be worth it all.
Cominng over from the October club...

I have not had it so bad that I needed an IV but I have thrown up so much I have been vomiting blood from the esophagus trauma.

My family practitioner (former midwife) doctor suggested Vitamin B6 injections. I just had my first one on Friday evening and the next morning I felt very much better. I had no vomiting Saturday. I threw up once today but it wasn't that bad. In general, I feel a bit better.

Much sympathy to you!
I'm with you guys. The sick feeling won't let up and I can hardly keep anything down. I am coughing up blood and my nose is bloody too. I can't sleep from due to horrid heartburn and acid indigestion. I don't even swallow my own saliva sometimes. I'm hungry but I can't me
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The smell of lemon helps quell the bad feeling for me. I got some lemon verbena soap for the shower and sometimes I just go stand in the bathroom and sniff it.
St. Claire's organic lemon drops - you can find them at a health food store.

Ginger never did help me though it works for many others.

Eating tiny bits helped me. It is so hard when you don't want to eat anything but if you have an empty stomach, you'll get sick. I'm still going thru that feeling at 12 weeks. Crackers with cashew butter helps me.

Hot breakfast cereal helps me in the morning. I have it with some butter and a touch of soy sauce.

It's rough. It is so hard to be excited when you feel this bad.

I'm having the heartburn/acid indigetstion issues too. The homeopathic remedy Sepia helped me greatly with that for a while though it seems to be coming back now.

I know all about not wanting to swallow your own salive. I totally soaked a washcloth one night after a particularly horrible bout of vomiting. I was salivating so profusely. It was awful! I have such sympathy for people going thru this. Why do we do it more than once? I have to say, this pregnancy is proving to be worse than the first one.
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