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I X-posted this to life with a babe -- if anyone has any idea on what I can do to help my son please let me know.

My son is 10 months old btw.
About four-five days ago, his third tooth(a top one) started to come through the gums. He had a really high temperature off and on(ranging from about 101 to 104 I'm guessing) for two days and was very agitated. The first night of this he barely slept at all, the second night after some hyland's tablets he did better. The third day his temp went back to normal and I could see his tooth poking out from the gum. He seemed tired, but I figured he was just worn out from not sleeping that one night and being in pain from the teething. The night before last he slept through the night(he never does that) then took about 7 hours worth of naps(about three naps?). He went to sleep at 6:30(they usually don't sleep until 9 or so) and only woke up once around 11PM for a bottle. He is eating, though quite a bit less than normal. He usually takes close to 40 ounces of breastmilk and raw milk formula per day or about 35 ounces if he eats a good bit of solids. I'd say he took around 26 ounces or so yesterday and he ate 1 egg yolk, 2tsp of brown rice and 1/3 of a banana. So he isn't starving himself, but it is quite a bit less than I expect. He is only taking 3-4 ounces at a time rather than his normal 6-7. Onto his list of symptoms:

1)sleepy -- sleeping literally twice as much as normal and going to sleep a lot easier than normal.
2)rashy -- has some rashy spots on his back, abdomen, chest and face(look kind of like small hives)
3)cold extremeties -- his arms and legs are quite unusually cold, though he has no fever and his middle feels normal temp
4)irritable -- obviously he doesn't feel good, though when he is awake he is still smiling and playing and crawling

TIA for your help!

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