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as offten as this happens with kids i always forget what im supposed to do and how to deal with kids that are throwing up. almost 6 yrs in adn you think id know.<br><br>
DS1 complained of a sore tummy. again. i didnt believe him as he has a tendanacy to procrastinate and stuff on mondays. he then threw up on floor adn i felt so bad. last time he said he had a sore tummy it was a pulled muscle so he was OK.<br><br>
now hes sick, cant hold water, but kids TV seems to have helped him feel a bit better.<br><br>
the one part of motherhood i really dont like is ill kids.<br><br>
what do you all do when your kids are sick<br><br>
i set them a rest space on the sofa, put a mat on floor incase of sick give em a bucket and stick the TV on and let em be.<br><br>
the school has a 48 hour policy too. no return to school untill 48 hours after LAST vomiting/diareah(sp).<br><br>
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