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Sick of bras at night

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For the first time since giving birth, I decided to forgo wearing a bra last night. I had some leakage, but not too much. Any other moms just wear nursing bra during day? What do you do to prevent night leaking?
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I never wore a bra at night . I just used a prefold dipe to catch the overflow.
I never did either. I never leaked that much anyway, so it was no big deal. My mom swears that if I don't, my tits will sag (more), but with these 2 boys pulling on them all the time, they're already down there, so oh well!
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blech. the word tits makes my skin crawl, LOL!! Never liked that one.....

I wear one at night, but I always have.
I wore a bra at night for months. My breasts were HUGE with milk and if/when he slept more than a couple of hours I leaked like crazy. Even the bra and nursing pads didn't always help with that. If you're not leaking too much I would think a prefold or something similar would work.
I hardly ever I don't sleep with a bra. I've got a great supply though...don't know what the deal is.
I have slept with a bra on maybe once or twice in three months. I was waaaay too terrified of getting thrush or something in the early weeks where there was so much leakage. Now I don't leak at all, so it's a non-issue. But when I was leaking, I only had to wash my pillowcases more frequently....I sleep hugging a pillow.
I never slept wearing a bra. I've never understood that one. The bra comes off the moment I get the door closed. When I leaked, I used a towel. When I leaked like a faucet, I washed my sheets a lot.
never have worn a bra at night... too confining.
don't leak much anyway.
I wish I didn't have to wear a bra at night. I leak like a runny nose and can't stand feeling wet. Also have to sleep with a tank top on, a zip up sweater, long pj pants, socks on, and the covers pulled up. I hate being cold.
I'm looking forward to the day I stop leaking!!!!
When does that usually happen anyway?

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When I leaked, I used a towel. When I leaked like a faucet, I washed my sheets a lot.
I slept on towels for the first 4 months. I can't stand wearing a bra to bed. I think I stopped leaking around 4 mos pp (can't remember, it's been a few years)
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i just recently stoped wearing a bra at all while i'm inside at home.... but DD is 6mo and i've stoped leaking so much
but i've been wearing a bra all day, all night since my first trimester!! ( and my dd is 11 mos old!) i have major leakage on one side so it is just not an option for me. the only thing i have been able to do is wear a pad and acomfy nursing bra to bed...the lansinoh pads are the only ones that can contain me, and bravado bras are the only ones i wear ( original nursers at night)

someday, it will be nice to let the girls go free, but until then, it's too wet and uncomfy to have my big heavy breasts flooping around unsupported.! lol

Ugh. My DD is almost 4 mos and I just recently started experimenting with no bra in bed. Some nights I've fared well but the past two nights I've leaked on at least one side through my pajamas or nightgown. I'm smaller breasted so wearing a bra all the time is something I am not liking or accustomed to. Anyway, I think I may go back to wearing one again at night after this weekly experiment. Some may get by with towels and doing lots of laundry but I have enough work on my hands to be changing sheets every day and washing more clothes.
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