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Sick toddler & imminent NewBean

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Last week, my son spent a day playing with his cousin. The next day my mother called to tell me that said cousin had pneumonia in one lung, bronchitis in the other and an ear infection. In other words, she's a very sick little girl!
She had been just fine all day when Eli played with her, and got sick fairly suddenly that night.

Today, my son has been coughing a deep, wet cough, has a runny nose and a slight fever, and is generally not his happy baby self. I'm pretty sure that he's got whatever my niece has. My question is this: What am I going to do if NewBean arrives before he's healthy? I'm really not keen on exposing her to pneumonia a birth, kwim? I realize that colostrum will probably help her, but Eli's been nursing and it didn't seem to help him that much. Plus, I've already been exposed: how likely is it that NewBean will be born with this infection?! I'm very concerned about this. It's a serious infection, my niece is a tank but she's been basically laid up for the past week. Eli looks like he's heading in the same direction. I could still be pregnant by the time this passes, but I could also give birth before he's better. Any ideas?
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Sorry this isn't very helpful, but I've been through a similar situation.
After my 5th was born, my kids came down with a pretty rough bout of RSV. My 2 week old baby got it despite nursing frequently. I ended up with him in the hospital for almost a week with him getting treatments and being watched to make sure there was enough oxygen in his blood. He's a big, healthy 4 yo. But things like that sure are scary.
A week before my 6th was born, the kids were sick with another respiratory virus, but thankfully it was gone before she was born. I was so worried, but it turned out fine that time.
I wish you the best. I really hope your son doesn't get as sick as his cousin, and I hope he makes a speedy recovery so you don't have to worry about NewBean.
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From another RSV mama, I would not expose your new baby to his illness as much as you can. Zoe was in the hospital for a week with RSV, it was terrible. She got it from her big sis

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I would honestly get him into your health care practitioner as soon as possible (even if it is something you would normally wait on), explain what your niece has been diagnosed with, explain your circumstances and get advice.

If your niece and your son have a bacterial infection and antibiotics are necessary, your son would no longer be contagious after 48 hours on the antibiotics. There are also antiviral meds that can shorten the course of a virus (my friend's children were given these when they had influenza two weeks before her due date), but they have to be started soon after getting sick.
Well, last night Eli woke up barking like a seal and unable to catch his breath
. We didn't have any decongestant around, but I think Mike gave him some tylenol for the pain. I listened to him breathe this morning, and looked him over; his nailbeds and lips aren't blue, but he's definately got wheezes and rowls. I think he's got pneumonia
. I'm going to try to get him an appointment on Wednesday (I've got a PN then and it'll be easier to do that on the same day) and just hope that NewBean stays put for another few weeks.
I'm really bummed out now, I was hoping to avoid the NICU this time around.
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My 4.5 yr old son has been coughing for a few days and suddenly developed a moderate (101-102) fever last night. Part of me wonders if I should take him in, too....granted, I'm not due until 9/1, but still, for his own little sake...
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