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You all are not going to believe this! I took ds to the grocery store today to get some Arm and Hammer Washing Soda because I've spent too much time on the diapering board lately.

Anyway, when we walked in to the store there was one of those little sample booths set up and a sweet little old man was handing out samples of something completely benign that I let ds eat. So, it was a little bit messy and the man handed me a wipe saying that he raised three girls and he knew we could probably use one.

Here's the part you're not going to believe. The wipe he handed me wasn't a baby wipe, it was a disinfecting wipe. You know, the kind with bleach, the kind you're not supposed to use on skin, the kind used to wipe countertops (that I wouldn't even use in my house let alone on my toddler.) I think it even says somewhere on the package not to use on people.

Isn't that sickening?
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wow was he clueless, thankfully he handed it to you, not your son!
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oh, i just think it's sad he didn't realize.
I hope you pointed it out to him that he had the wrong kind of wipes.
Oh how sad, I bet he didn't realize that it wasn't that type of wipe, kwim? I'm sure he had sweet intentions, but I'm very glad he handed it to you instead of your son!
Hmm. But you know I've noticed that grocery stores locally are putting those sorts of wipes out near the shopping carts, to wipe off before you touch the cart. Perhaps he was thinking you'd wipe up the mess from the cart, rather than wipe up the mess on the babe? (I personally don't use those wipes even if I'm using a cart, since DS has his hands in his mouth a lot and frankly I'd prefer his immune system get a workout from bugs rather than from chemicals...)
I'm sure the guy was totally clueless. He really thought they were for wiping messy hands. I was letting ds walk with for the first time (no sling/no cart) so I can't imagine he thought I would use it on the invisible cart. He just really didn't know. Now I wish I had said something to him. I don't know why I didn't. I wonder how many people got "special wipes" because I didn't tell him. Maybe someone he works with got him up to speed.
You could probably call the store to let them know. I've been amazed at how quickly complaints, when phoned in, are dealt with at my grocery store!
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