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SID therapy is it ever a cure?

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Okay just a small question for people who have had OT therapy for their kids, ds is SID but so I am so I understand him....but lately I am thinking maybe OT might not just help him but me?

Anyone really know? I mean I am pretty high functioning...people don't realise I am so sensitive unless I am comfortable to let them into my quirks...
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Yeah, my son's OT has made me more aware of the seriousness of my lifelong sensory issues. I am taking yoga now to improve my low muscle tone. I don't know about a cure, but sensory integration therapy can really improve quality of life. DS has gone from being terrified of people one year ago to asking me to invite his friends over this week. Today a dog barked at us while we were outside, and instead of covering his ears and panicking, he waved and said, "Hi, dog."

My DH also has plenty of sensory issues, and he has used his personal experience to help DS go from an all-liquid diet at age 2 to now enjoying a wide range of solid foods. I think compassion is the key to overcoming a lot of the problems with SID.
My dd has pretty severe SID and we did ST (for feeding and oral issues) and OT until she was 3--both private and Early Intervention. The reason we decided to wean her off and go to an as-needed basis is because she started to incorporate small things that she could do to help herself. It is lifelong, but like other issues that people face, she/we learn coping skills. She avoids certain things now, as part of her lifestyle, things that we may try to incorporate back in to our lives as time progresses.
Some days are better than others.
My son has SID and went through OT and ST starting at 12 months old (his SID was pretty severe and keeping him from talking or playing or interacting)...just over a year later, he's not 'cured', but he is functioning as a typical child of his age. He's actually functioning pretty darn well now--social, active, talkative, etc. So, it was a HUGE improvement. He still has issues, but you wouldn't know it if you didn't spend 24 hours a day with him.
My daughter has made great strides since she started OT for her SID. The change is amazing!! She's like a different child in some ways (for the better).

I've learned so much about SID. It really has helped me better understand my own sensory issues. I feel better about myself because I "get" why I am the way I am and I have helpful new techniques I learned from DD's therapy. I'm much more compassionate in regard to other quirky people now, too.

You might find consultations with an OT very helpful for YOU.

Good luck!
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