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SID vs. Spirited Child

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I've been reading Raising Your Spirited Child and it feels like the type of child the author describes is the same type of child that exhibits Sensory Integration Dysfunction. Anyone care to comment?

(FYI, I REALLY like the book but I am wondering if it might not be easier on parents and children to have some OT along with following the guidelines in the book. Seems like it would really help, yk?)
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SID is a neurological condition; spiritedness is a personality thing.

SID is diagnosed by an Occupational Therapist. Sometimes the two (SID, Spirited) go together, sometimes not. SID can also go hand in hand with other conditions such as autism, sometimes not.

In my experience with my children, both were dx with SID but only one is spirited. The other one is very mellow and easygoing as long as her health condition is not giving her pain and discomfort. The spiritedness in my one child is more due to her very strong personality than her SID, although her SID makes things worse sometimes.

Her spiritedness is things like being very emotional, very challenging, sometimes defiant, poor sleeper, sometimes shyness. Her sensory issues are things like strong gag reflex, delayed solids (to the extreme), rubbing herself on things, pressing her feet on things, toe walking, shredding things, extreme desire to play with water, preference in wearing a heavy backpack to keep herself centered.

My other child was dx with SID after suffering from severe reflux. She did not want to touch things and was extremely, horribly afraid of people for the longest time, horrible sleeper, did not want to be rocked or swaddled past 3 mos. old. She also has a very bad gag reflex to the point where she does not want to eat and is fed via stomach tube. These things got dramatically better with occupational therapy. The only thing that remains is gagging/reflux/eating but that will come in time.

Like I said, she is the most mellow, easygoing, affectionate child now. She will get upset for about 15 seconds and them move on. Abi had tantrums that lasted for hours. She is starting to outgrow the SID stuff and I would say at this point she doesn't have SID anymore, just "sensory issues" and a strong personality.
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